The Smell of Pencils

I suppose as a form of introduction, I should explain the blog title.  I’m a teacher.  I don’t get a paycheck for being a teacher, though I have in the past.  It’s just in my blood.  Chalk dust pumps through my veins and the smell of freshly sharpened pencils is to me as coffee is to others.  Walking the aisles of Staples or Office Max is one of my favorite things to do.  And don’t get me started on Barnes and Noble with all their booky goodness.  Do I have time to indulge in those things regularly? Well, no.  Do I have the freedom (from snotty children, mostly) to do those things?  Nope.  But, that doesn’t mean I don’t dream.

I’ve always thought homeschooling would be fun and wonderful, but I didn’t have much time to think about it.  For a long time I didn’t think I’d even get married.  Then I didn’t think we’d be able to have a baby.  Then I didn’t think my baby would ever be old enough for school.  But, time has a way of sneaking up on us, and here we are.  My *No.1 Pencil is 4.5 years old and we are starting preschool homeschool, which confuses the daylights out of her.  She isn’t sure if she should tell people she’s in school or in preschool or in homeschool or what!  For a while this summer she was very upset that I wouldn’t be her mommy anymore because I was going to start being her teacher.  Then she asked what Daddy was going to be.  He told her he’d be the principal and he’d take care of any discipline problems.  To which she replied, “I don’t think I need THOSE kinds of problems!”  Agreed.

No.2 Pencil will be 2 in December.  We’ve decided that her propensity for mischief and general craziness means that she won’t participate in most of our homeschooling adventures for a little while.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s wonderful and awesome and amazing and totally captivatingly sweet.  But, she’s not exactly ready to sit still for any length of time unless Elmo is involved; and she’s certainly not ready to hold a pencil without putting it in her mouth or other inappropriate places.  She does love to go in our homeschool room, dump the counting bears on the floor and dance around them laugh hysterically.  So, we will be doing homeschooling while she is recovering from her morning shenanigans, otherwise known as nap time!

I hope to share what we’re doing in school, pictures of our room, family updates (bound to have lots of adorable kid quotes), and anything else that begs to be written down for the world to see me to remember.  So, pull up a chair (preferably one that swivels), sharpen your pencil (not to write, but just to enjoy the smell of learning), brew some coffee (if you must, but don’t offer any to me), and enjoy.

*You’ll see me referring to my family with pencil-like names just to keep things semi-private (and hopefully semi-cute), but there may be times that I share their names.


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