Letter A

Last week’s letter of the week was A since it was our first week.  I only have a few pics of the things No. 1 did, but she really loved everything we did and begged for more and more and more!

We practiced cutting with scissors, prewriting, fun with power magnets, a collage, a scavenger hunt, pattern blocks, and so many more things.  Hopefully I’ll be more on top of the pictures for Letter E this week.  (We’re doing all of the vowels first and then we’ll move on to consonants.)

This is our Letter A Alligator.  Each week we will make a similar craft and hang them on our wall. Image

This is our Letter A collage!Image

This is just an apple I cut out at No. 1’s request.  She really wanted a rainbow apple on the wall!Image


2 thoughts on “Letter A

  1. I haven’t gotten a complete hold of all we are doing in our home preschool yet, either…. I love all your A ideas! I want to start doing a letter a week or something — you have great ideas!

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