Unhealthy Healthy (yummy) Pancakes

I was at a loss what to make for dinner since Old Mother Hubbard (that’s ME) had bare cupboards.  I had a box of Buttermilk Complete Pancake Mix that I figured I could take from unhealthy to *fairly* healthy.

I added some wheat germ because that seemed like a healthy thing to do and it makes everything taste nutty and delicious.  I also added some maple syrup (the real thing) to sweeten it up a bit and reduce the need to slather them later!  I mixed it all up and allowed No. 2 to make a mess of my counter.  She’s a great helper!  Once they were on the griddle, we sprinkled frozen blueberries and raspberries on each one.  We love them frozen because they warm up just enough for little mouths and don’t become a soggy mess in the pancakes.

Verdict?  We loved them!!  It was a great unhealthy healthy weeknight meal!


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