Our Homeschool Room

Here it is!  Our homeschool room.  We still have some changes to make (not the least of which is taking better pictures!), but it has come a long way since it was a nursery just over a month ago!  It’s funny, but I don’t think No. 2 even remembers it was her bedroom!  Now, it’s just the room where she goes in and pulls things off of the shelves and dumps them on the floor!  Oh joy!

I love this room!  The rocking chair was part of the nursery, and we didn’t have another spot for it, so it stayed out of necessity.  But, I LOVE having it in there!  We read LOTS of books there and I like to sit and just look around at everything (and smell the pencils, of course!)

Maybe it’s because I’m a crafter, but I tend to flit from one project to the next.  One day I’m all about making beads out of clay and the next I’m sick of that and I’ve moved on to Mod Podge-ing everything in sight!  So, even though I’m a teacher to the core, I was still a bit afraid that I would set up this room, organize the life out of it, plan out the whole school year and get one week in and decide I was tired of it.  Thankfully, it’s just the opposite!  Yes, I have days when I’d rather plunk myself on the couch to enjoy the quiet during No. 2’s naptime.  But, we’re plugging along happily and I tell Mr. Pencil almost everyday (he’s infinitely patient!) how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE teaching my girl!

This is the shelf that Mr. Pencil built for me.  It will eventually get painted some super exciting, fancy color like white!  In the back of my head where the rebel lives, I imagine painting it apple green or turquoise, but the boring person in the front of my head will probably win out and go with white.  And that’s fine because I do love me some glossy white painted furniture!  It makes my boring self’s skirt fly up!  Anyway, this shelf does need a little more somethin’ somthin’, but I’m not sure what exactly.  Maybe some sort of larger drawers on the top for all that random little stuff.  The basket on the floor holds our library books.  We get new ones every week to match the letter we’re learning, and the basket makes it very easy to just grab them, plunk them in our library bag and take them back!

I’ll have a separate post about that dreamy drawer thing that you can barely make out due to the blurriness.  It’s one of my favorite things.  EVER.  Besides the crazy pencils that live with me, of course!  On the right side of the shelf is my red hanging pocket organizer.  It has 8 pockets, I think.  I only use 5 that hold file folders for each day of the week.  I put all of the worksheets we’ll be working on and just pull out the folder when we’re ready to begin!  The bottom two shelves are children’s books.  I’d love to tell you that’s our entire collection, but then the entire shelf full in the girls’ room would feel unloved!  (Is it a problem if I’m addicted to children’s books??)

This is our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree.  We read the book on Friday and hang up the letter we just finished learning.  Next to that are the letter crafts we’ve done.  The Alligator has teeth that are hard to see because of the light color of the wall (I would love to paint the walls, but now that everything is all set up, I break out into hives just thinking about moving everything to paint!)  The elephant was named Sophie and given a flower by her ear because No. 1 just can’t handle the thought of something being a BOY!  *gasp!*  Under that is our USA map.  It’s actually a vinyl cling map with individual vinyl cling states on top.  It’s colorful and happy.This picture just shows our word wall that I named Wise Words since our “theme” is owls.  I need to make more owls to drive the theme home, but you’ll see them here and there in our room.  In that little space at the bottom of the word wall is a push pin.  Although it isn’t there right now, I have a little flannel washcloth hanging from a binder clip that No. 1 uses to wipe off her dry erase markers.

Next is No. 1’s little desk and chair that I got from Craig and his list.  I love them!  The rebel in my head will probably win this battle and paint them something exciting!  To the left of that is our 100’s chart, then Mr. Pencil and No. 1 doing something on the computer, though I don’t remember what!  Looks like youtube, maybe.  The computer sits on a rolling cart that holds, well stuff.  The top drawer has my pens, scissors, etc.  (I have a piece of masking tape holding it shut because No. 2 thinks it’s the best thing ever to open it up and dig around in there for treasure!)  The next drawer hold current projects – things I need to laminate, cut out, etc.  The bottom drawer holds note pads, post-its, etc.  I have too many of those!

On the wall above that is our morning board.  I’ll do a separate post about that.

Owl themed cheezy phrase that makes me smile!  This spot may end up being a whiteboard eventually.  Under that is the shelf of supplies that No. 1 can access.  There are math manipulatives GALORE, paper, crayons, pencil sharpener, clock, etc.  To the right is where we hang our collages for each letter and other things that No. 1 deems hang-worthy.

Oh – between the last picture and this I somehow forgot to take a picture of the closet door.  Not too exciting.  It just has owls of every color that I laminated and hung there.  No. 1 obviously knows her colors, but they’re pretty adorable and No. 2 is learning her colors now!

Close-up of this shelf with all it’s colorful manipulative-y goodness!That’s it!  I hereby do solemnly swear to take better pictures and make more detailed posts about the things I promised and yada yada yada.


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