Letter I

I’m a little late posting about last week, and I apologize to those of you (hi, Mom!) who have been sitting on their edge of their seats just waiting for a new post. Last week we learned the letter I.  The worksheets are from Confessions of  a Homeschooler.  The Iguana craft idea was from Totally Tots. Here are a few pictures from this week.  This is, obviously, not all we did.  Just a sample. This is a tracing page.  I put it inside a clear page protector and No. 1 uses a dry erase marker.  When she’s done (and while she isn’t looking!), I wipe it clean and put in back in my Letter of the Week binder to save for No. 2! This is a page for learning to write numbers.  I should have done the page protector thing for this also, but I forgot and took it out and gave it to her with a pencil!  Oh well.

This is No. 1’s Iguana craft.  She decided that all of her letter animals need to have a name!  And this one is a rainbow because that’s a theme she repeats often!  =)No. 1 also watched the LeapFrog: Letter Factory DVD and played on Starfall.  And meanwhile, this is what No. 2 was doing to occupy her time!   Yup, filling her shirt with crayons and Little People animals!  She’s a trip!


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