Rainbow Party

No. 1 turned four in April and requested a Rainbow Party.  I happily obliged because it was such a fun theme to get carried away with plan!  I started by pinning a zillion ideas and then pared it down to what was manageable for even my OCD OZMEMCTINTB (Over Zealous Make Everything More Complicated Than It Needs To Be Disease)  But, let me tell you, it was F-U-N to plan this party and make all the decorations, etc.  And it was a really fun party for the kids, as far as they have told me, anyway!  No. 1 LOVED it and still talks about it like it was yesterday!

I thought I would post some pictures since this little old blog didn’t exist way back in April.

I had a little table and chairs set up with books all about rainbows (from the library).  I didn’t get a picture of that, unfortunately, but here’s No. 1 and two of her friends sitting and reading books calmly.  What you don’t see are the boy party goers running amuck in the background!  Boys!  They add such LIFE to a party!

I made this bean bag toss out of a cardboard box.  I cut it and used duct tape to make it triangular.  I traced three different size bowls and cut them out with an X-acto knife.  Then I painted it (spray paint would be easy, but I just used a can of what I had).  Then I used puff paint to make little dots so it would fit the rainbow color theme.  The bean bags are balloons filled with rice.  I assure you that I DID NOT do this in my bed and make a big mess and call downstairs to my husband to bring up the vacuum.  That would just be ridiculous!This is the only shot that almost shows the decorations out in the yard.  A friend gave me some lollipops she made for her daughter’s birthday party.  They were six styrofoam circles covered in tissue paper shoved onto a dowel and covered with cellophane.  I took off the cellophane and tissue paper and traced them onto red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple construction paper.  I hot glued a construction paper circle on both sides and then a strip to go around the outside.  Then, I freehand cut a black number 4 and glued that on the front.  I bought new cellophane and covered each one and tied them with a coordinating colored ribbon and placed them in the garden.One of the craft tables.  I dyed penne pasta in rainbow colors and had the kids make necklaces by stringing them onto yarn.  They had fun after Captain America flew in to show them how it was done.  (Does Captain America even fly?  I have no idea.  I have girls in my house!)

We also did another craft with Froot Loops, but I don’t have a picture of that table.  Each child had a sheet of blue card stock and they glued Froot Loops on in the shape of a rainbow and then glued cotton balls to the ends to make clouds.One shot of the food table.  Jello cups were time-consuming, for sure, but totally worth it and YUMMY!Lollipops!  Yes, I made a ridiculous amount of lollipops.  It seemed easier to do an entire batch of each color than to figure out how to split it into six colors.  And being a sufferer of the aforementioned OZMEMCTINTB, I wanted each child to be able to pick the color they wanted without them running out!  The glass jars that they are in are actually from candles.  I melted down a few that I didn’t care for/were almost gone and my mother-in-law sacrificed a few of her’s that matched!  She also worked so hard at cutting each little paper confetti by hand to fill each jar.  Okay, okay, she used a paper shredder, but still she worked very hard to make them all look so nice!  (there’s a piece of florist foam in the middle that the lollipops are shoved into and the paper shreds cover that up)Fruit Platter!  I bought a clear plastic tray from the $1 store since I don’t really have serving platters.  Then, I chopped had my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law chop the fruit and layered them in a rainbow pattern – strawberries, oranges, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries, and purple grapes.This is the dress I made for No. 1.  I used this post as a guideline.  It’s a really easy-to-follow tutorial!  I bought T-shirts in each color at the craft store, but the smallest size they had for the red was way too big and it would have looked like a striped tent.  So, I found a tank top in No. 1’s drawer that fit and cut that.  The top of it had three patriotic appliqués, so I made T-shirt roses to cover them up and sewed them on by hand.  The rest of the dress was SUPER simple!  The best part?  Because of the material, you don’t have to hem the bottom (purple layer).  Just leave it as is, and it won’t fray!  Happy!

Please note the huge bandages on my poor girl’s knees!  After the party, she was just exhausted, but I realized that I hadn’t taken any pictures of her dress.  So, I asked her to come outside really quickly so I could snap a few.  She ran out there right away and immediately tripped and skinned both knees on the driveway!  Poor sweetie!  After we put the bandages on and wiped her tears, she was more than happy to walkverycarefully outside to get her picture taken.  Don’t ask why her hand is up in the air because I will just say, “I have no idea, but I wasn’t about to make her stay longer for a better picture!”Cake!  I had visions of a beautiful ruffled rainbow frosting cake like this one or a checkered one like this one, but when it came right down to it, I just didn’t have the time or desire to go nuts with the frosting.  Instead, I decided that sprinkles were a fan favorite, so the entire cake got the royal sprinkle treatment!  (and now it turns out that sprinkles are all the rage.  Let’s pretend I started that with this cake, mmkay?)

No. 1’s second birthday cake was also a rainbow layered cake just like this one, but she didn’t remember it, so this one was like magic when we cut into it!  Win!

Party favors!  I made these with my Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Tool, otherwise known as my third and favorite child! *wink wink*  The tag says, “Thanks for being the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow!”  Inside are some of these tasty little treats.  They’re so easy to make and they’re pretty addictive!Another view of the Treat Table with the balloons Mr. Pencil hung!  We had tons of balloons, but they just kept popping on the deck and we decided it was better to not sacrifice our marriage trying to come up with ways to hang them, so we hung these and called it done!The water bottle labels were made by printing them in my Silhouette software and having the Silhouette cut them out, then taped on the bottles.  The rainbow cookies were a basic butter cookie recipe and were really easy.  The not-so-easy part was making them all exactly the same size (maybe I was just rushing), but it didn’t matter!  They were pretty and tasted really good too!  I also made rainbow chocolate covered Oreos because I can’t leave well enough alone!
The green container is from the $1 store.  It had clear plastic silverware wrapped in rainbow striped napkins and tied with rainbow-colored ribbons.  I wanted to have solid colored plates and napkins in every color of the rainbow, but I couldn’t justify the expense of buying 6 packages of each when we only needed one for how many guests we had.  It was, honestly, a hard thing for me to let go because I thought it just wasn’t going to look good to have only one color, but I let No. 1 pick and she chose blue plates and purple cups.  And it was just fine!  It was a good lesson for Mom in Letting It Go!  It doesn’t have to be perfect for it to be fun!!  The same goes for the straws.  I found some adorable ones on Etsy and other party sites, but $12 plus shipping for straws?  I don’t think so!

Another view of the OHMYGOODNESSALLTHESUGAR Table!
Top left: rainbow popcorn (my heavens, we threw out an entire kitchen size trash bag of uneaten rainbow popcorn after the party!  I made WAAAAY too much!), sprinkle cake with candles from the party store, rainbow Rice Krispie Treats (using Fruity Pebbles instead of Rice Krispies), layered Jello (I ran out of whipped cream, but don’t you know, there were kids there that wanted the ones without!), ice cream dishes with jelly beans and M&M’s ) (because we had them left over from Easter and they kind of went with the theme, which at this point you’re thinking was Sugar Party.  I assure you, it wasn’t my intention to send the guests home with a sugar buzz to last the rest of the week.  But, sometimes the best laid plans . . . )

I don’t have a picture of the ice cream.  That was another one of those things that would have been a whole lot easier to just serve vanilla ice cream.  But when you’ve already gone so far over the top with everything else, who wants just plain old vanilla ice cream when you can have layered rainbow ice cream?!  It was insanely sweet, and I actually didn’t like it at all!  *gasp*  It was just too much sweet!  But here’s the recipe anyway, in case you‘re a glutton for punishment have a mouth full of sweet teeth.  I ended up using 1 1/2 of those big buckets of ice cream and layering them in a disposable lasagna pan.

So, that’s Rainbow Party of the Century (well, until No. 2 requests one because I just might want be talked into planning another one!)


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