Letter O

Three cheers for letter O!  Or more like: three cheers for Friday!

We are done four weeks of school and it feels like we just started . . . four weeks ago!  ha! It really HAS been great and we’re both still loving it.  This week was just a difficult one for a lot of reasons.  We took the day off yesterday because of MOPS and because the teacher needed a break.

Today, however, we were back on track and worked double time to make up for yesterday.

Here are some pictures of our week:
(don’t forget that our worksheets come from Confessions of a Homeschooler, and if you don’t believe me yet, I’ll tell you again:  they’re wonderful, Erica is wonderful, her website is  wonderful, and you really need to check it out!)

Library books for the week:Coloring Page:
Number Tracing:Letter O joined the other vowels on our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree:O is for Ostrich craft (she named her Olivia):
Cut and Paste:Octopus Size Sort:
How Many Game:Graphing (for Letter I we colored in the squares, but today we decided to use Unifix Cubes instead):


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